Owen Kaluza


Visualisation Software Specialist at Monash eResearch Centre

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I am a research software engineer specialising in graphics programming, GPU and HPC programming, python and jupyter notebooks. I have particular interest in the applications of 3D Graphics and literate programming to scientific and data visualisation and building customisable research environments and pipelines based on the jupyter/python ecosystem, also the application of these technologies for wider research and creative communities.

Interactive WebGL output from LavaVu : brain connectivity network


A few bits and pieces that are viewable online or have associated articles/press/publications:

Volume Rendering with LavaVR in the Monash CAVE2


I assisted with these papers, usually by providing visualisation related contributions, the authors were kind enough to add me as a co-author:

Demo of LavaVu Jupyter Notebook integration

Posters and Talks

Presentations where I was the/a primary contributor:

Vessel Segmentation from noisy CT data


"Corymbia" A fractal generated work from "Rise, Set, Ebb, Flow, Breathe, Grow"